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A must read resource guide for young couples or returning Malaysians with foreign spouses

Currently, application for spouse visa can be made only after 6 months of marriage for the foreign husband. Upon submission of documents for spouse visa, the application approval could take upto one month if all the documents are completed. You should submit the documents to open a file, in the place of residence of your Malaysian spouse which would be mentioned on his/her IC.

The first pass is usually for 6 months and you will not be allowed to work. Subsequent pass if it is for one year, you could get the endorsement to work from immigration.

To obtain the Endorsement to work, you should have secured an offer for employment.

Ideally before you get married, you should check with immigration on the rules and regulations. Always collect the latest forms and checklists from the immigration department. Your Malaysian spouse should always accompany you to the Immigration department for the submission of documents. The decision of the Immigration Officer is final.


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