Template Letter to MP & Ministries

  • Email template for Malaysians with foreign spouses
  • Please edit the square brackets [xxx] where necessary
  • Proposed subject: Seeking a Meeting with MP [MP Name]

Dear [MP Title and Name]

I hope you are well and I am [name], a constituent of [your area]. I am writing to you in hope you could assist my situation which has unfortunately caused me great difficulty and stress having to deal with the Immigration Department.

[Summarize your issue in this paragraph. Leave out emotional complaints as you want your MP to help and not be a sounding board. Sample as follows: I married a foreigner in [year] and to get his spouse visa, we had to visit the Immigration Dept [x] number of times. However, each time we were told of new documents/ requirements that we were not made aware before. And because my spouse is unable to work until obtaining this visa, this has caused us massive hardship to make ends meet.]

I wish to express my disappointment with the Immigration department and their inconsistent rules, which sometimes are not published or mentioned in the checklists, making us undergo huge difficulty and expenses as well for repeated trips.

I understand I am not alone as I have also met other Malaysians with foreign spouses and it seems we have the key common issues as such:

1)         Inconsistent rules and differing requirements by Immigration officials

2)         Difficulty in getting employment and supporting the household

3)         Expenses you may have incurred to leave the country and return to start the spouse visa and shorter term duration of the spouse visa.

I sincerely seek your intervention and call for an urgent review of the policy for Foreign Spouses, to uphold their right to be employed by the removal of the statement of Prohibition from employment from their visas.  This will encourage young Malaysians couples to be employed, reduce the brain drain of Professionals to other countries and allow us to contribute towards the growth of this nation.

We also urge the Government to review the salaries and staffing of the Immigration Department and JPN, as in the last 25 years the population and workload has increased, however these departments staffing and salaries have not correspondingly increased, please do consider this in the review.

Thank you very much in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Malaysian Spouse Name :


Address :

Date of Registration of Marriage in Malaysia

Qualification:  (if highly qualified)

Job Position: (optional)

No of children:


Foreign Spouse Name :

Nationality :

Qualification:  (if highly qualified)

Job Position:

Send a copy also to foreignspouses@gmail.com

Separately send email to:

Home Minister:





Separately send email to:

YAB Dato’ Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Dr. Wan Ismail


Special Officer to DPM


Separately send to:

Deputy Minister KPWKM


Special Officer to Deputy Minister


Separately send to Minister in PMs Dept- Law

YB Datuk Liew Vui keong


Special officer


email your MP, Chief Minister in your State, DUN

We can proofread and edit your letter.

Now that we have taken the trouble to do most of your work, fill in the template and contact your MP.  Give us your feedback to encourage others.  Participate and take control of the situation.



Name of Malaysian Parent :

IC No :


Phone No:


Foreign Spouse Name:

Nationality :

Date of Malaysian Registration of Marriage :

Child’s Name:


Child’s Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:

Application No KDN:

Application Date :

Payment made on :

Current place of Residence

Does the child have any other nationality

Description of Issue:

Include: Copy of Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Receipt no. for citizenship application.

we would like to submit to the Ministry of Women and see if the cases can be speeded up.

Please note: All information will be kept confidential and is not for any publicity purposes.

Email to foreignspouses@gmail.com



Passport No:


Spouses Name:

IC No:

Date of Malaysian Registration of Marriage:

Childrens Name

MY kid No.

Reference No for PR (the one on the white card)

Date of Submission for PR/Citizenship

No of years stayed in Malaysia

State of Residence

Reference No for PR/citizenship/

Receipt No

Highest Qualifications of Self

Are you working?

Job Position:

Highest Qualification of Malaysian Spouse

Is Malaysian Spouse working?

Job Position:

Calculate the total time out of the country in the 5 years that were calculated for PR application

Contact Phone and Email

Please note: All information will be kept confidential and for submission to ministry to speed up the case..

Email to foreignspouses@gmail.com

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