Forms – Application/ Renewal of Visit Pass 

    1. Click here for email template – ‘Letter of Appeal to Allow Foreign Spouse of Malaysians Stranded Overseas to Return to Malaysia’
      —  Please remove the entire content with the symbol of [], and insert the detail in as per requested.
      —  Attach document as below: –
      1) Photocopy of the First Page of the Passport
      2) Photocopy of Visa on the last visit to Malaysia
      3) Malaysian Marriage Certificate

      — On [*****], please remove it, then enter your detail as follow: –
      Nama Pasangan Malaysia:
      No KP:
      Tarikh Kahwin di Malaysia:
      JPN atau tempat angkat nikah:
      Tahap Pelajaran:
      Bilangan anak:
      Nama Pasangan asing:
      No Passport
      Tahap Pelajaran:

    2. Borang Permohonan Pas Lawatan (Visit Pass Application Form)
    3. Permohonan Lanjutan Pas Lawatan (Application for Extension of Visit Pass)