Eligibility for Permanent Residence and Citizenship for Spouses of Malaysians

Permanent Residence

Eligibility of Permanent Residence (PR) is 5 full years on LTSVP for spouse not counting any visa that is less than 1 year. Approval of PR may take 2-3,4 years.  Application and Checklist is provided at Permit Masuk Counter of State Immigration Department upon eligibility check.  As a Permanent Resident you will get a Red IC however you will not have the right to vote and you retain your Nationality and Passport.

A point to note is that PR may be revoked at any time if the authorities deem so.

You will be required to have basic knowledge of BM, be able to answer some of the questions on Malaysia in BM.  General Knowledge questions on Malaysia – Number of states, the national flower, Rukun Negara, sing the Negaraku.

You can download the forms here: http://www.imi.gov.my/images/borang/Permit/Permohonan%20Permit%20Masuk.pdf

You can find additional detailed information here: https://elinchow.blogspot.com/2018/11/marrying-malaysian-applying-for.html?fbclid=IwAR3fNTkYSpCjBY8CmqTro94PsnRXQQDUbpB7qG9xBqqtCVGdej-AYBfP4-8


Eligibility for citizenship for wives of Malaysians is 2 years after PR, approval may take 2-3 years. Eligibility for citizenship for husbands of Malaysians is 10 years after PR, approval may take 2-3 years. Application and Checklist may be collected at JPN.   You will get a Blue IC, be required to renounce your own country’s citizenship as Malaysia practices Single Citizenship and use a Malaysian Passport.

Do remember that we are reminded often, that Permanent Residence and Citizenship is not our right but a Privilege accorded by the Government.

BM Proficiency Test: For those below 50 – There are two parts of it . 25 objective questions on grammar and about 1000 word essay . Essay in general on topics on life, tourism in Malaysia in general. Standard of exam is of PT3 exams of Malaysian govt. Schools. You need to study standard 6 and form 3 Malay grammar and essay books. Exam is only to test Malay language.  For those above 60 it is perhaps just an oral test.

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