Our Current Campaign

Who we are

Foreign Spouses Support Group (FSSG) was formed in 2009, by two mothers who felt stigmatized as foreigners and at their insurmountable struggles in raising Malaysian children within the country.

They established FSSG so that other spouses would not have to face their challenges without help. FSSG was launched to advance, promote and protect the rights of foreign spouses married to Malaysian citizens and their children. Since then, FSSG has been advocating with the Government, has joined other Malaysian coalition and participated on International treaty processes. The FSSG page on Facebook provides public service online help to foreign spouses of Malaysians and their families. FSSG has submitted reports amongst others, towards CEDAW Alternative Review 2012, CEDAW 2018 Review and UPR 2018.

In the last five years, FSSG has expanded its advocacy to include not only foreign spouses but Malaysian women and men who face discrimination in citizenship rights. FSSG has taken the lead in the Malaysian Campaign for Equal Citizenship Rights to achieve law reform for Malaysian women and men in conferring citizenship on their children and spouses.

Foreign Spouses Support Group (FSSG) has embarked on a ‘Campaign for Equal Citizenship’ in Malaysia and will be advocating especially for,

  1. Malaysian women to have equal rights to confer citizenship on their children born overseas
  2. Malaysian women to have equal rights to confer citizenship on their foreign spouses
  3. Malaysia men to have equal rights to confer citizenship on their children who are born out of a legally recognised marriage


National and International Advocacy in collaboration with National coalitions:

  • Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG),
  • The Child Rights Coalition Malaysia (CRCM)
  • The Coalition of Malaysian NGOs on the UPR (COMANGO)
  • Migration Working Groups (MWG)
  • CSO Platform for Reforms,
  • Right to Redress,
  • FSSG also actively engages with the Malaysian Parliament.

On the International level, FSSG is a partner organisation with the Global Campaign for Equal Citizenship Rights

Guiding Principles of FSSG

We believe:

  • that gender equality and non – discrimination is a basic human right for ALL
  • that the State has a duty to respect, protect and promote human rights
  • in critical civil society engagement with the State
  • in promoting and educating communities on their human rights