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Link to Immigration website for visa with reference - Husband/Wife of Malaysian citizens…/main-servi…/visa/visa-with-reference

Security bond/bank guarantee rates…/security-bond-bank-guarantee-rates.…

Applications for extension of visit for citizen’s spouses

Working permit for spouse

Checklist for documents under various categories: e.g., spouse, step child, widows, dependents

Link to Residents Pass under various categories; e.g. Step child, Parents, Divorced & Widowed spouses with Children.

Link to JAIS (Selangor State Religious Department) Muslim marriage application for men - Permohonan Perkahwinan Bagi Lelaki…

Link to JAIS (Selangor State Religious Department) Muslim marriage application for women - Permohonan Perkahwinan Bagi Perempuan…/permohonan-perkahwinan-bagi-peremp…

Link to Talent Corp for returning expert programme - Eligibility criteria…/eligibility-criteria-for-th…

Link to JPN for registration of marriage for non-Muslim applicants general information…/pendaftaran-perkahwinan-bagi-pemoh…/

Link to JPN for registration of marriage of Muslim couples solemnised abroad according to Islamic law and customary marriage Of non-Christian Sabah Or Sarawak natives and Indigenous couples of Peninsular Malaysia [Registration Of Marriages Ordinance 1952]…/pendaftaran-perkahwinan-bagi-pasan…/

Acceptance of foreign driving license in Malaysia…/acceptance-of-foreign-driving-licen…

A survival manual for foreign spouses of Malaysians - A must read for newlywed couples and those wishing to relocate to Malaysia.…/survival-manual-foreign-spouses-malays…/