A Malaysian Husbands Notes

Circumstance: Spouse (male, Malaysian) residing in Selangor. Wife: Indian national.

  1. Regardless of where you are living in Selangor, you MUST apply at Immigration Shah Alam (PKNS Kompleks). The forms are different (in some cases very slightly, just a different font or header) but forms handed out in Jalan Duta will not be accepted in Shah Alam.
  2. Go to Shah Alam by 7.00am. The queue for numbers should already have started. The office opens at 7.30am. By around 10am, no more numbers will be issued. Typically in a day they process around 20 of these cases. The office closes at 5.30pm. So that is 9 hours for 20 numbers. Do the math. Be prepared to wait the whole day.
  3. For any last minute work, Shah Alam is the perfect place after collecting your number. JPN UTC is just a 5 minute walk away, the main JPN office is a 10 minute drive. There are at least 2 commissioners for oaths right next to the Immigration office and plenty of photocopy / print shops. Requirements (Read – I repeat this is only applicable for a Malaysian husband applying for a foreign spouse. Our marriage was slightly under 6 months ago.)
    1. Completed checklist
    2. 12 form with photos (2 copies of forms)
    3. 38 form
    4. VDR Interview form
    5. Additional particulars form
    6. Statutory declaration (attested by a Commissioner for Oaths)
    7. Husband’s declaration to support / sponsor wife’s application
    8. Husband’s statutory declaration (attested by a Commissioner for Oaths)
    9. Security bond (stamped by LHDN – RM10) – Buy a RM10 hasil stamp from any post office and go to LHDN. They will not stamp on weekends and public holidays.
    10. Marriage certificate (original and 1 copy)
    11. Confirmation of Marriage (original) – This is different from the Marriage Certificate and would not have been issued during your marriage. Get it from JPN, it costs RM50 and the original goes to Immigration. It is called “Cabutan Sijil Perkahwinan”
    12. Husband’s MyKad (original and 2 copies)
    13. Husband’s birth certificate (original and 2 copies) – If you have lost yours, head down to JPN 14. Copy of Foreign Spouse’s passport – all pages
    14. Marriage photo (printed in 4R photo paper). A4 colour will not be accepted.
    15. Copy of Air Ticket or Boarding pass or any document showing your spouse’s entry into Malaysia. This is not in the checklist but they will ask for it.
    16. House ownership documents or tenancy agreement showing a Selangor address. This should match the address in the application form. If you live with your parents and the agreement / grant is in their name, no issues. They may ask for your parent’s MyKad copy.
    17. If renting, a photocopy of the owner’s MyKad
    18. Original and copy of any of your latest utility bill. Note: I submitted Certified True Copies of my marriage certificate, MyKad and Birth Certificate.

You can get the CTCs from JPN UTC, they are open even on Sundays. Just take any number of copies required together with the original and tell them you want it Certified. You will get it in 5 minutes for free. After perusing the documents (probably for around 30 minutes), they will call you up and ask if you would like to extend your foreign’s spouse’s Visa (to make her stay in Malaysia good during the process). For that, you will pay RM100, provide a copy of your MyKad, a copy of the foreign spouses’ passport data page and the entry stamp / visa page. Your spouses’ passport will then be retained by Immigration but they will provide you a paper letter that can be used as a valid identification to the authorities. The letter will also state the date the 1 month extension visa will be ready (typically it wil take 3 business days). You will also receive a confirmation as to when the Resident’s pass will be ready, which takes 20 to 30 calendar days, or within the time the extension visa expires. Your passport will be returned to you once the extension is ready, so you can sit back, wait and enjoy Malaysia while waiting for your LTSVP. To collect the Passport containing the 1 month visa / to affix the LTSVP pass, your local Spouse can collect it without you having to be present. Additional information that they may ask you, but did not ask from me:

  1. Surat Akuan Penaja Tempatan (local sponsor confirmation – typically only if the Wife is Malaysian)
  2. Payslip of the local spouse (myopically if the Wife is Malaysian).

Get your latest salary statements printed and certified by your employer, a copy of your EPF statement and you latest Bank Statement certified true by the Bank. For instance Maybank allows you to print it from Maybank2u and have it certified in any branch for free.

  1. Confirmation that applications can only be made after 6 months of marriage (only for Malaysian wife. Not applicable for a Malaysian Husband, but I would recommend waiting at least 3 to 4 months.)

If you have all these documents in order, I’m certain that you will only make 1 visit. Otherwise be prepared to spend another whole day there. The officers will typically not entertain you if any documents are not in order. So get your Bond stamped at the LHDN, your 2 confirmation letters attested in the Commissioner of Oaths and the little known “Cabutan Sijil Perkahwinan”.

All the best!

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